Knez Mihailova street in Belgrade

Knez Mihailova street is one of the most visited streets in Belgrade. So, what is so special about it? It is not just a street - for the citizens Knez Mihailova street is the place where the history meets present. 


Street is the main pedestrian zone in Belgrade. Also, it is one of the oldest and most valuable landmarks of this city. Named after Mihailo Obrenović, a Serbian emperor, it features a number of buildings built during the 1870s. It is placed between fortress Kalemegdan and the main city square -  Republic Square and continues to Terazije square. At the Republic Square visitors will find Serbia’s National museum and National theatre, along with a statue to Prince Mihailo, placed in 1882.


Knez Mihailova is the main meeting point for both citizens and tourists. The first thing that makes the strongest impression in Knez Mihailova is its remarkable architecture - a mixture of classic and modern style. Knez Mihailova is a home to many national and international culture institutions, outstanding cafes, old restaurants, hotels and hostels. Stunning balconies and rooftops can be seen here. The Serbian Academy of Sciences (in Serbian: SANU) is the most important academic institution in Serbia established in 1841. Recently, the street became a shopping zone. 


There is a friendly and nice atmosphere. Something for all ages can be found here. Approaching Knez Mihailova, you can hear the crowd, laughter and voices along with street performers. Towards the end of the street there are several areas where you can buy paintings from local artists. 


Highlights of the street are: 

  • Kalemegdan fortress & Kalemegdan park - are going to help you follow the footsteps of history. Symbols of Serbia’s capital are built on a confluence above two rivers - Sava and Dunav. The “Victor” monument (in Serbian: Pobednik) stands as the guardian of the city. Kalemegdan park is the most popular park among Belgraders and for many tourists because of the park's numerous walking paths, fountains, statues, historical architecture and river views.

  • National museum of Serbia - is the largest and oldest museum in Belgrade. Established back in 1844, the museum collected more than 400 000 showpieces.

  • SANU Gallery - is opened in 1968. The Gallery’s main mission is a promotion of art in Belgrade by staging exhibitions from various fields and organizing concerts. The goal is to provide the general public with an insight into SANU activities. 

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