Savamala Apartments are located in one of Belgrade's most popular neighborhoods. Savamala is an urban city district that stretches along the right bank of the Sava River. This part of the city is very well-connected to other locations in Belgrade thanks to Branko's Bridge and Old Sava Bridge. Therefore, you can easily reach all the desired locations in a relatively short time. Even if you want to stay inside Savamala, you won't regret it! This district is known as the center of a phenomenal nightlife since many famous clubs, pubs and cafes are located here. As such, Savamala is an ideal place for going out. If you are fan of wild nightlife that lasts till early in the morning, then Savamala apartments are a perfect choice.
Stan na dan Beograd

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Porodica Rakočević u svojoj ponudi ima preko 30 luksuzno opremljenih stanova smeštenih u samom srcu Beograda.
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