Skadarlija apartments are located just few minutes from Belgrade’s most famous tourist destination. Known as Bohemian Borough of Belgrade, Skadarlija represents a significant part of cultural heritage and truly is alluring symbol of the capital. Dating back to the 19th century, this charming cobblestone street is a home to a variety of restaurants, galleries and souvenir shops. However, the main trademark is unquestionably tavern, in Serbia known as “kafana”, where the parties last till dawn. Despite being almost two centuries old, Skadarlija managed to withstand the ravages of time and preserve its unique and authentic style — checkered tablecloths, homemade Turkish coffee and rakija. Served in čokanj, a small glass bottle, this strong fruit brandy is a national drink of Serbia and definitely worth tasting. Therefore, if you really want to experience enchanting old-town spirit, we suggest you to rent our Skadarlija apartment, only step away from the bohemian heart of Serbian capital.

8 rezultata

  • 60 m2
  • Two Bedroom
  • 4
  • 46 m2
  • One Bedroom
  • 3
  • 80 m2
  • Three Bedroom
  • 5
  • 90 m2
  • Three Bedroom
  • 6
  • 115 m2
  • Four Bedroom
  • 7
  • 40 m2
  • Two Bedroom
  • 4
  • 58 m2
  • One Bedroom
  • 2
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